Has your organization waited to upgrade to PeopleSoft v9.2? If so, this “slow to adopt” mentality may have saved your organization time and money.

In the two years since the release of v9.2, BTRG has noticed a shift in our customer’s drivers for upgrades. While many early adopters leaned to a more transformational project, we now see a few of our clients looking for a technically focused upgrade with transformation later in their roadmap. With this in mind, BTRG has developed an upgrade process that allows for a significant reduction in budget and time. Additionally, BTRG has identified many exciting and easy to implement new features in v9.2 that our customers have been able to take advantage of with minimum impact to project cost and duration.

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This webinar discusses the following:

  • Technical vs. Transformational
  • BTRG best practices
  • PUM scheduling and planning techniques
  • New features in PeopleTools 8.55
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