Information volume is growing 50% or more each year and overall data is predicted to grow by 50 times by 2020. According to a study by IDC, since 2005 annual investment by enterprises in software and hardware, along with staff to manage information, has increased more than 50% to $4 trillion. Furthermore, business productivity is being compromised and legal response is negatively affected, creating higher cost and risk for the entire organization.

We all know the volume of data is growing, but how much of the data is worth keeping? Where companies once managed megabytes and gigabytes, they now handle terabytes and petabytes of data and storage. The CIO and IT face a critical situation where information is growing at 50% or more while the budget is only growing 1 or 2% per year.We can probably not avoid data growth, but we can help manage it. The need to archive and dispose of information is on the rise, driven by rising data volume, regulatory compliance, and complexity.

Value Based Archiving provides a high level of control over the archiving environment. Organizations are able to implement policies that identify what gets archived  based on the content of the information and determine the retention and governance rules associated with the content.

Value-based Archiving is an effective approach to information management that reduces complexity and cost allowing your organization to:

  • Understand what to keep, how long to keep it and when to dispose of it to dramatically reduce cost
  • Improve system performance for greater IT efficiency and better internal customer satisfaction
  • Reduce risk with a single automated archiving solution for multiple sources – Applications, e-mail, file systems, social content & SharePoint
  • Quickly respond to legal requests with in place legal holds, eDiscovery search and retention enablement

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