Webinar Replay: Are Your the Next Target for a Data Breach?

Maximize Your Security Investment with Data Masking

Looking for more information? Download out whitepaper “Maximizing Your Security Budget”

Security breaches are increasing in number and cost. It is rare to open a news site without seeing that yet another notable company has fallen victim to the loss of sensitive data. Breaches are up…spending is down. With budgets tight, how can clients spend wisely and get the most out of their investments? This BTRG whitepaper should shed some light onto your options.

Whitepaper covers:
  • The current trends in data security: fund allocations, vulnerabilities and breaches.
  • Why data and application security is the best choice for quick security wins.
  • Suggestions on specific projects for greatest ROI’s.

BTRG has been entrenched in the PeopleSoft application world since the beta version of the product was released back the early 90s. Securing the data in those systems has always been in the spotlight of our delivery methodology. The game is changing, are you doing what’s needed so your organization isn’t a “headline” in tomorrow’s news?

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