At BTRG, we understand the value for our clients to move to Oracle Cloud Applications. Many are engaging BTRG to conduct thorough assessments to best identify a path to the cloud. While it’s exciting to see a shift in the technical landscape, there is a group of PeopleSoft clients that have determined they are not ready to move to a true cloud application. For those clients, BTRG suggest they investigate the option of reducing cost by moving on-premise PeopleSoft to a hosted Cloud environment.

In this educational series, hosted by BTRG President Jeff Goddard, we’ll cover:

  • Cost savings and business rationale associated with a hosted environment
  • Benefits of both Oracle Cloud Applications and PeopleSoft on the Cloud
  • Insight into PeopleSoft’s technical evolution
  • What is the process for moving your on-premise application to the cloud?
  • Benefits of using Oracle’s Public Cloud

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