Whether you’re an end user or a developer, PeopleTools 8.55 will transform the way you interact with the PeopleSoft product. This game changing release improves productivity for both end users and developers by extending the benefits of existing features and introducing new functionality. This monumental shift in the product allows for rapid deployment of PeopleSoft applications through the PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA). It also incorporates streamlined analytics that simplify decision making by allowing the end user to choose relevant data to display in context. These and other features that will be covered in the webinar mark significant progress in the areas of Fluid User Interface (Fluid UI) and Cloud Deployment.

In this one hour webinar you will gain an understanding of the key new features and extensions of existing functionality in PeopleTools 8.55. Our team will highlight how BTRG’s customers are leveraging these new features to address pain points and improve business processes.

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This webinar will cover the following elements of PeopleTools 8.55:

  • Fluid UI
    • PeopleTools now enables users to develop fluid enabled components and pages. This means a single, customizable fluid page is created that adjusts as needed to display on any compatible device.
  • Simplified Analytics
    • This feature allows end users to create relevant analytic content and display it in the context of their normal flow of work. This eliminates the need to navigate to separate pages to view relevant data.
  • PeopleSoft Cloud Architecture (PCA)
    • Features such as PeopleSoft Deployment Packages (DPKs) increase IT responsiveness to business units by allowing for rapid deployment of new functionality.
  • PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)
    • New update manager analytics, PUM dashboard, and customization analysis allow developers to understand the impacts of new feature deployment.
  • Other Changes
    • Development tools
    • PeopleSoft Test Framework
    • Security
    • ADS
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