On Thursday October 17th, BTRG held a webinar on turning unstructured data into relevant data with StoredIQ. James Schellhase, StoredIQ President and Russ Clark, Information Governance specialist for BTRG discussed how companies can improve information economics by better aligning information cost and its value. Listen to our recorded webinar and learn more about this approach to solving unstructured data problems and how StoredIQ provides the first solution to identify, analyze and act on unstructured data in-place, without moving your data to a repository or specialty application.

Webinar Takeaways

  • Automatically dispose of information that has outlived its purpose, while more effectively meeting compliance obligations.
  • Align cost to value through value-based archiving and tiering.
  • Reduce eDiscovery review and IT storage costs.
  • Respond more efficiently to litigation and regulations.
  • Realize information value as context erodes with in-place analytics, content management and collaboration.
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