Week #1
Tip for the Week: Nail down your SCOPE

The first week is dedicated to planning and logistics. I met with the Project Management team and reviewed the Project Planning and Scope document. Consulting PMs… do your homework. Come prepared with a template and a first draft of what you believe to be the PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Upgrade planning and scope items. Be sure to focus on perceived risks to the project, from both your point of view and the customer’s. Customers… Think about the culture of your company and how that might impact the HCM 9.1 PeopleSoft Upgrade project. Be sure to define your 1) project objectives, 2) items in (and out) of scope, 3) critical success factors, 4) a list of upgrade best practices and 5) project risks and the appropriate response. You know best the risks associated with your company. Whether it is the tendency to resist change, the inability to make decisions in a timely manner or the lack of resource availability at key points in the project timeline, you will be the one to highlight these issues and help insure they are addressed in a proactive manner during the upgrade. BTRG always comes prepared with these items and we work with you to define those specific to your organization.
A draft project plan based on the initial project proposal will go a long way to kicking the project off right! We all love those Microsoft project plans. Take the time to create a template that is easy to use and update based on project specific items.

Deliverables: Project Planning and Scope Document
The planning document must be completed by the end of this first week. Don’t let the scope information slide. It will become VERY important when the customer wants to “add” items that were not originally agreed to. If you don’t have a completed, sign-off copy of the planning and scope document, you have very little ground to stand on when deliverables are not met and things fall behind schedule.

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