Tip for the Week: ‘Sharing is Caring’

This week we completed the Current State Assessment interviews and started the highly anticipated Fit/Gap sessions.  It is a great feeling to be at a company where everyone is so excited to start seeing and learning about the new features of the PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 product.  The first meeting was a PeopleSoft Fit/Gap Kick off session where we explained the process and what was expected of each participant.  Be sure to include as many business owners, functional and technical team members as you can afford.  The more each individual learns during the fit/gap process the more involved and engaged they will be during the upgrade.  Share the information with as many users as possible.   Sharing is caring… those invited will feel included and that their opinion and feedback is important.

The Kick-Off Meeting Agenda includes the following:

  • Fit/Gap Purpose
  • Fit/Gap Step by Step Process
  • Fit/Gap Deliverables
  • Fit/Gap Schedule
  • Detailed Fit/Gap Session Agendas
    • Each working session includes the following:
      • Review of existing our client’s 8.9 functionality compared to the new HCM 9.1 functionality
      • Review of new major enhancements in HCM 9.1
      • Review of existing customizations and the potential for retirement/changes
      • Identification of any new GAPS uncovered
      • Review of our client’s ‘Current State’ business process documented in prior week(s)

We started with the Payroll sessions this week because it was the ‘off week’ for payroll processing.  The team members we needed are responsible for running the bi-weekly payroll process, so we had to start with the payroll processes first.  Typically we would start with Recruiting, then the Hire process, Benefits, Payroll and so on.  Sometimes however you need to rearrange to meet the schedules of those most important to the process.

We discussed the following list of new features for North American Payroll in PeopleSoft HCM 9.1.  The following also lists our observations based on the feedback we received from user involvement:

  • Garnishment Processing Enhancements
    • Our client will utilize the new features; no additional gaps were found
  • PSHUP Process Enhancements
    • Our client was very excited about the changes to this process;  there are a number of SQR interfaces to Paysheets that will be retired because of these new enhancements
  • Retroactive Pay Enhancements
    • Both Retroactive Pay and Retroactive Benefits are getting another look because of the new features coming in PeopleSoft 9.1; configuration of Retro Pay will increase productivity of the Payroll department and will reduce many manual processing steps currently in place to handle retroactive changes
  • Check and Advice Reports in HTML and PDF
    • Customizations to the paycheck and advice SQRs will be retired; utilization of the new HTML features and PDF formats will be a welcomed improvement
  • Year End Electronic forms enhancements and new Administrator functionality
    • Currently a 3rd party provider is used to handle Year End forms and processes; our recommendation will be to discontinue the 3rd party provider and utilize the new features in PeopleSoft HCM 9.1; this will be a good part of the ROI for this upgrade

Deliverables: Kick-Off Meeting Agenda; Payroll Session Agendas; Meeting Minutes from the Fit/Gap sessions

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