Tip for the Week: “It’s all in the Detail”

At this point in the project we have 4 weeks remaining to complete the initial fit/gap assessment.  We will split this time between 2 major tasks.  The first is to complete the “Upgrade Fit/Gap Assessment Results” document.  This is the final deliverable owed to our client and consists of the following items:

  • Description of the methodology used to perform the fit/gap assessment
  • List of the fit/gap participants by name
  • Section header for each business area covered (Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, etc)
    • Overview of the sessions held/material covered
    • Inclusion of the meeting minute notes as links to documents
    • Discussion of the business area
    • A list of the key changes between 8.9 and 9.1 for the functional area
    • A list of newly identified gaps
    • A description of each existing customization for the functional area
    • A table of each customization, a recommendation and details for accomplishing the recommendation
    • A list of recommendations for expanded utilization of delivered PeopleSoft capabilities
    • A list of security updates/considerations
    • A table of potential upgrade impacts
  • Appendix – include all Current State Assessment documents

This document will become the source for future scope and tasks to be performed.  It will provide the guidance for determining new configuration, upgrade decisions (upgrade as-is, retire customization, adjust customization as defined), future state business processes, change management, testing and training.  When writing this document, include as much detail as possible to help insure success in future tasks of the PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 upgrade.  The future success of the upgrade starts with the detail… It’s all in the Detail.

The second task is to prepare and deliver pilot demonstrations of the functionality agreed to between BTRG and our client.  These demonstrations will provide further evidence that the new features and functionality in PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 will meet the requirements for our client’s HCM system.  Your list may be different, but our list of pilot demonstrations includes:

  • Payroll Related Items
    • Electronic W2
    • Paycheck Enhancements
    • Paysheet Load (PSHUP) Process
    • AutoTax
    • Garnishment Override on Paysheet
  • Template Based Hire
  • Retroactive Pay Enhancements
  • Automated Benefits
  • ePerformance
  • eCompensation
  • Succession and Career Planning
  • Profile Management (Competencies)

We finalized the list of demos this week and scheduled each with the appropriate attendees.  We started building the demonstration scripts and included as much client-detail as we could in the configuration of these demos.  It is a huge advantage to see relevant data when viewing the demonstrations.  Where possible, BTRG created data to match our client’s business processes.

Deliverables: Upgrade Fit/Gap Assessment Results-Draft #1, Demonstration schedule, Demonstration scripts

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