PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management is an application that enables users to execute inventory tasks using handheld devices and scanners and update the database in real-time mode.  The application is hardware independent, running on any device using a WinMobile browser.  Mobile Inventory was built using Application Development Framework (ADF), an Oracle Fusion technology.  ADF runs on the application server and acts as the communication intermediary between the handheld device and the inventory application.  Application logic is executed on the application server not the hand held device.  The ADF environment is flexible, allowing you to tailor the user interface to each user and the specified tasks they perform.

The benefits of Mobile Inventory Management include:

  1. Reduction of data entry errors through the use of scanning and barcodes
  2. Stream-lined workflow of your warehouse personnel by capturing data at the source
  3. Improved inventory account balance accuracy through real-time updates to the system at the point of use
  4. Increased user productivity through real-time data entry and access to data remotely
  5. Increase in ease of use by tailoring the user interface by user and task

Mobile Inventory Management addresses various inventory and purchasing functions.  These functions include: Par Inventory Count, Inventory Counts, PO Receiving, Ad-Hoc Receiving, Delivery based on receipts, Bin to Bin transfer, Inventory Adjustment, Putaways, Express Issue, and Inventory Balance Inquiry.

Why use PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management instead of a third party hand held system to integrate mobile devices with your PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management System? Mobile Inventory Management shares the same database as the other PeopleSoft SCM modules.  This eliminates the need to install, configure, and maintain a separate database for your mobile device data capture needs.  Mobile Inventory Management shares the same system infrastructure as the other PeopleSoft modules.  This includes PeopleSoft Integration Broker, Web Services, and Appserver.  This eliminates the need to create and support a separate infrastructure for your mobile devices.  Oracle supports your mobile device application as it does your other PeopleSoft SCM applications that you have installed.  PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management integrates seamlessly with PeopleSoft Inventory and Purchasing.

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