Is it time for your organization to perform an upgrade to some of your larger data intensive applications such as PeopleSoft?

One of the problems that many people face when it comes time to upgrade is having so much data that it significantly impedes the upgrade process. When a company has a large database footprint it inevitably makes the process of modifying data to work in the new application more cumbersome.  Lucky for us in the market today exist tools and technologies to make this easier and less costly.

So what is the answer?

The easy answer is to archive while you upgrade or if time allows, before.


If you have data say 5+ years old, you do not need to modify it for the new application. You are better off taking it out of the application and housing it in a stand-alone separate data structure.

At BTRG, we have successfully accomplished the task of reducing the timeframe of an upgrade to successfully fit into the needs of the business. This has allowed customers to focus on upgrading the application and introducing new functionality while saving money on storage and time on the  transformation of old data. The data is still available in its original form and can be used for reporting needs until a final business decision to purge it is made.

The IBM Optim tool should be in your IT toolbox. It can help you manage the growth of application data. This is accomplished through the archiving of older historical data. The best part is you can archive it and still provide the business clients easy access to the data for reporting. You keep the data available as long as needed in accordance with company or regulatory requirements.

BTRG has been successfully handling the Data Management needs of companies for years using the IBM Optim Tool.

In Addition, Archiving of your data has a cascading impact across the enterprise. Once you shrink the size of the production database you get a free carryover in a reduction of all future clones of production. Those savings can add up in an organization like yours that needs to be as nimble as possible in order to successfully keep the Business running smoothly.

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