When I started the Data Management Practice at BTRG, we were very focused on data growth and data archiving issues. We saw many of our ERP customers struggling with the sheer volume of data in their maturing systems. As these systems grew our customers were faced with challenges around system performance degradation, upgrade cycles increasing, legacy system costs and increased risk all due to data volume. We were compelled to act and found an excellent solution in the Princeton Softech Optim software package.

When Optim was acquired by IBM we became part of a much larger picture. As IBM has built out the capabilities in its InfoSphere Information Management software offerings, our skills and experience were also taking shape and expanding. In addition to solving data growth and data privacy problems, BTRG has acquired the expertise needed to address the bigger picture, strategic issues our clients are facing. As a result, we changed the name of the practice from Data Management to Information Governance because it better reflects the broader solutions we offer as well as our strategic consulting capabilities.

Today’s Information Governance Practice focuses on helping customers turn their ever greater volumes of data into ever more valuable assets by orchestrating the people, processes and systems across the enterprise. We are tackling these challenges across three focus areas:

  1. Data Quality
  2. Information Lifecycle Management
  3. Data Security and Compliance

We are seeing some dramatic results from our customers. For one of our largest customers we were able to increase ERP system performance by 60% while reducing database footprint by 30% via data archiving. We’ve created a Data Masking Factory solution which makes masking data on a large scale very economical. For a leading services firm we were able to mask 18 applications in 14 weeks masking 1 app every 4 days, providing them with $22 Billion dollars of data protection and we completed these significant results with a project that finished 2 weeks early and 40% UNDER budget (click here to read the case study).

We’ve reduced another customer’s database copies by 90% with innovative Test Data Management solutions. We are eliminating barriers to implementing student data archiving by supporting long term data retention requirements through our Campus Archive Accelerator solution.

Throughout BTRG’s history we have been known as ERP experts who focus on high value solutions for our customers. Our consultants have constantly bridged the business and technology challenges for our customers; driving high value results from our lean and effective consulting teams. Rather than theorize, plan and not actually be able to do anything, we focus on implementing the results our customers want. This has been my strategy for the practice all from the beginning, and I’m happy to say that we are achieving those results for our customers on a regular basis as you can see by some of the above examples. So as we approach the broader topic of Information Governance under our new name, we will continue to do it the BTRG way, leading with solutions that deliver meaningful results.

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