Every year organizations buy products and services to help support and grow their overall business needs. Upgrading is the process of enhancing a product that will enable you to increase the efficiency of your applications. When looking to upgrade, organizations begin by looking at the new features and functions to better understand the release.

InfoSphere Optim™ is one of those tools that continue to add value with each new version. Significant new enhancements were introduced for IBM® InfoSphere Optim™ in October, 2012 that will help organizations get the most out of annual support dollars and increase the overall return on the product investment (ROI)

Below are the top reasons why it’s time to upgrade to the latest release of InfoSphere Optim™ 9.1

New functionality will allow your organization to lower cost of ownership for Optim™ and Enterprise Applications. It is more than just a marketing hype. If we can get more out of the tool then we are able to lower the total cost of ownership.

 Mask data faster with Optim™ Masking on Demand capabilities. Not only does it increase performance, but also allows for Optim masking solutions to be applied in many different fashions. The possibilities are now endless with UDF masking because Optim™ masking has broken free of the shackles of the classic transformation solution.

Retrieve archived data faster with Optim™ Search. I used to say that if you need to look at the archived data you should not archive it but that’s not always the case. Many clients have a need to look at the data on a sporadic basis.  Optim™ Search now brings the ability to look for data in your archive environment and find it quickly.

Reduce operational overhead with new Optim™ Self Service Capabilities. Gone are the days when a test environment refresh needs to be supported at the IT and DBA level. Now they can be created once and used over and over again.  With the expanded self-service capabilities it is possible to not only create but also load data subsets back into the test/development environment on demand.  The DBA can keep the backbone supported while letting the test and development teams control the frequency of refreshes.

Faster test to deployment cycles. The expanded abilities in the TDM/DP along with Self-service functions mean more test cycles and faster turnaround. The Self-service concept will allow test coordination without long turnaround times for things like refreshing environments. It also frees up other limited technical resources to work on other project or operational assignments. This should filter to the project bottom line and get your new or updated products to market faster.

Optim™ Discovery now included with Enterprise Edition. New license model includes Discovery as part of a bundled package instead of buying and licensing several products separately. This means that when you upgrade you can also switch to the enterprise licensing model with the full discovery tool included.

Watch our webinar replay and learn how you can leverage the new powerful features in Optim 9.1 to achieve business excellence.

Have you implemented Optim™ and would like to ensure you gain the most from your investment? BTRG Optim™ HealthCheck™ Service Offering can help you maximize business value from Optim™ investments and build continuous return on investment (ROI) into the future.


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